December 3, 2019

August 1, 2019

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You Are Your Brand - Play It Cool

August 16, 2019

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Design on Fire: 2019

July 25, 2019

As much as we'd all like to say, "I don't follow trends",

the reality of the situation is that trends shape our industry.



In this post, we dive into 2019's most hip design trends:

from open composition to 3D, to vivid colours and anti-gravity.

By the end of this post, you'll swear the year is 2030,

because this shit belongs in the future. 



Let's start with VIVID COLOURS:



Enter futuristic, bright and IN-YOUR-FACE colour usage!

Look at how well Leonardoworx LWX pulled it off.

This makes me feel like I'm tripping on acid. And it's a good trip. 


Next up is one of my personal favourites:


Dip me in gold and call me Midas' girl!



Anybody spot the golden poo emoji? Well, I did. I'm a child. 

On a serious note, though. This is a fucking good piece of work by Ben Fearnley.


Guess what, designers...



It's moving into your spare room and making itself at home as we speak:



 Look at this fokkin draak by Maxim Shkret, does it look like it's playing?

No. It's serious about 3D. You should be, too. 


ANTI GRAVITY that will make Sir Isaac Newton turn over in his grave:

 (Maybe we can bring him back to life this way) 



This is another gem from Ben Fearnley. Looks like this oke can do anything, hey?

Otherworldly sorcery, I tell ya!


Don't you dare box me in! OPEN COMPOSITION gone wild: 



How's this design by Chae Byung-rok, sommer incorporating vivid colour,

3D and open composition! Take note, designers: make the viewer WANT more; ignite their imagination with open composition!



No-fill flavour: OUTLINE TYPOGRAPHY. When it's good, it's good. No need to fill it up.



Other outline elements may be out, but Outline Typography is here to dominate 2019. 

Pictured is a lekker project by Chad Mann.



Your personal sketchbook might come in handy for this one:




This design from Mamba Studio feels warm and personal with just the right touch of fun.

Go on: Doodle On!


REALISM + FLAT DESIGN = a match made in heaven.



Rules are made to be broken, baby!

 This design by Madina Turchaninova incorporates both realistic and flat design elements to create out-of-this-world coffee packaging.


If Pantone said it, it must be true:


As in, you as designer will now live, breathe and eat Coral. 



Get ready to make this energetic colour your new BFF.

You only get another colour next year; deal with it.


There you have it, choms. These are our top design trends for 2019. Take what you want, leave the rest (on own accord...)

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